Shipwrecks authority on the Venezuelan coast

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Shipwrecks authority on the Venezuelan coast

Notapor ONSA/VE » Sáb. 29ENE2011, 23:30

Heck Dimitri escribió:Good afternoon.
Dear Sir or Madam..

If they Excuse me for Disturbance.I need her Help, If this possible.

I have pair of Questions to responsible or Active , Officer,which responsible or Activ in, Charge of Ships Wrecks,Wrecked ships,Clearing Coast from Stranded Sea Ships ??
If they know maybe responsible or Active Authority-Officer for Wrecked Ships on the Coast of Venesuela ??

Many Thanks.If they excuse me for Bad English.Sorry

- Germany D-69412 Eberbach
- Schwanheimer 16-4
- Heck Dimitri
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