Report from the front line of marine engineering

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Report from the front line of marine engineering

Notapor DrGerryD » Lun 15 Jun, 2009 3:23 pm

Hello All

Well it has been some time since the last message here. It is a shame really, because for some reason the activity level does not need to be very high to reap the benefits of a discussion between professional individuals and not companies.

Anyway, here is a short item which may or may not be of general interest. I have this last year or so, specialised in floating and semi-submersible structures. The design of some of these ( the largest is 14,000 tons of reinforced concrete - the smallest 110 tons steel ) has proved to be so interesting and time consuming that I have given up designing ships altogether. Have I sold any ? Not at all. My designs are too advanced to attract the attention of bankers and financiers, who are looking for quick profits in a period of global economic meltdown. How they expect to find such is beyond me - but then again I am not a banker. How can I continue to afford to use hundreds of hours and a huge amount of computer resources without making a profit ? Because after my last talk on the subject in Kuala Lumpur March 2009, I went on a pension. I already have the computers ( 3 of them ) and the software I need to continue pushing the borders of what concrete can be used for beyond what the commercial world sees as limits. And now I have the time.

All the best to you all from here.

Dr. Alfred Gerald Davison Ph.D
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