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S/Y AKAT (Puerto Sucre)

NotaPublicado: Vie 06 Abr, 2012 2:46 am
Noonsite escribió:The crew of SY AKAT were attacked and boarded during their passage from Venezuela in the direction of Grenada on 12 January, 2012.

Last reported position was off CURAPANO.

Nobody was killed, but the pirates ransacked the boat and stole everything they could! Despite their wounds, the crew succeeded in returning to Curapano and the police authorities were contacted.

Note from Venezuela Cruisers

The northeast coast of Venezuela is alledgely one of the areas to avoid sailing, especially near Carupano. Saying that we have friends that do take that route to Trinidad via Porlamar but stay 15 miles away from the coast and travel with lights "on".. The recommended route that we take and most cruisers take is Porlamar (Isla Margarita) to Los Testigos and Grenada or Trinidad. There have been reported attacks in Testigos but very few, we would always go that way.